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Conflicts Case Studies

We have collated Case Studies on topics like Transboundary Disputes, Contending Water Uses, Water Quality, Micro-level Disputes and more.
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Dr. Amita Shah

Amita Shah, an economist, has wide ranging experience of conducting research on various aspects of rural economy. The major areas of research interest include natural resource development with special focus on dry land agriculture and forestry, environmental impact assessment, gender and environment, agriculture-industry interface, small scale and rural industries, diffusion of technologies, and employment-livelihood issues. More recently, she has been involved in a number of studies pertaining to participatory watershed development, protected area management, economic valuation of bio-diversity, chronic poverty in remote rural areas, migration and status of women in agriculture. Over the past 25 years she has worked closely with a number of government and non-government organisations and participated in an informed process of policy formulation. She has also been a consultant to various donor agencies and has undertaken collaborative research both within and outside India. She has published about 100 research papers in professional journals and books; and participated in a number of academic seminars. She has been invited as a Visiting Fellow/Scholar to academic institutions in United Kingdom, China, France and Netherlands, and Canada.