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We have collated Case Studies on topics like Transboundary Disputes, Contending Water Uses, Water Quality, Micro-level Disputes and more.
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Dr. Gorky Chakraborty

Nurtured in the banks of the River Brahmaputra, Gorky Chakraborty has been meandering like a river from one place to another for learning and earning livelihood options. A post-graduate in Economics, in 1994 from Dibrugarh University, Gorky joined the Land Reforms Unit at Lal Bhadur Shastri National Academy of Administration. Since then for him it has been a swap between teaching and research followed by activism here and there. An ordeal in a bus to understand the root cause of why a fellow traveller was hounded as Bangladeshi led him to the river islands (chars), he felt very disturbed at the plight of the char dwellers, worked among them and completed his PhD on the char areas of Assam. He was selected for Post-doctoral Fellowship at Rabindranath Tagore Centre for Human Development Studies at Kolkata and worked on Look East Policy and North East India. Presently, he is a faculty at Institute of Development Studies Kolkata (IDSK) working on issues related to North East India.