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We have collated Case Studies on topics like Transboundary Disputes, Contending Water Uses, Water Quality, Micro-level Disputes and more.
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Dr. Himanshu Kulkarni

Dr. Himanshu Kulkarni, Founder Trustee and Executive Director, ACWADAM, is attempting to create space, both in practice and policy, on the importance of the science of groundwater. He believes that aquifer-based participatory groundwater management can imbibe the principles of “commons” in both practice and policy. He is actively involved in the advocacy of stronger programmes on groundwater management in India, through his inputs as Chairman, Working Group on Sustainable Groundwater Management for India’s 12th Five Year Plan. Groundwater resources have held Himanshu’s interest for nearly 30 years now. His work on the occurrence and movement of groundwater in the hard-rock regions of India is known in academic and research circles. He is currently working on groundwater management in different hydrogeological typologies in India - the Himalayas, Indo-Gangetic alluvial systems, the crystalline aquifers of Peninsular India, the Deccan Volcanic groundwater systems and the Sedimentary aquifer formation in different regions of India. He carries with him an interesting blend of experience of having worked with the academia, the corporate sector and, in his current position, with ACWADAM, a civil society organization of which he is one of the founders. He believes he has still much to learn regarding the fascinating realm of groundwater resources.